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100 Ways Resizing Policy

If you would like to have your ring resized, please read through the following sizing guideline first. Then, when you’re ready - contact our Customer Experience Ambassador, Jill via email at and she will be happy to assist you!

What you need to know:

When you have your ring resized, it will also be deep cleaned and polished - which means it will look like new! Orders that include ring resizing may take up to two weeks before they can ship out to you, so please allow for an additional 14 day turnaround time before your order ships. Please note that we are only able to resize rings that are purchased through 100 Ways.

Items that are not eligible for resizing:

  • Puzzle rings
  • Tiffany and Cartier rings
  • Eternity bands 
  • Rings purchased from other retailers

As a general guideline, most rings can be sized up or down 1-2 sizes. Rings sized within that guideline are still accepted for return within a 30 day window. However, they will be subject to a $50 restocking fee. Please note that rings sized beyond the general 1-2 size guideline are considered non-refundable and are not eligible for return.

Resizing Price Chart


Up or down 1-2 sizes  $60+ 
Up or down 2+ sizes  $80+ 


Up or down 1-2 sizes  $75+ 
Up or down 2+ sizes $100+ 

 **Please note that the prices listed are for standard sizing, and costs for certain pieces may vary slightly. All prices are listed in CAD**